Heather... so colorful

ZanyFawn is an optimistic, awe inspiring place to express the artist that lies within all of us!

- Heather

Prepare to have an amazing experience as Heather guides you with a simple step by step process to recreate the featured artwork. You will love these free online painting lessons.There are many to choose from and more are being added all the time. If you have a special request please don’t hesitate to contact us and share pictures of what it is you would like to see a tutorial on.

Getting started at home with our free painting lessons is a breeze. Choose which piece you would like to accomplish, purchase your paints and brushes at a local art shop. The beginning of the video will tell you the colors that were used but always feel free to choose your own. All paintings are done with acrylic paints. This type of paint is easy to clean up, dries fast and provides vivid color. Some paintings are Multi media or Mixed media which incorporates other mediums than just paint for example fabric, paper, pastels, ink, crayon, ribbon etc.. In the description of each video you will be provided with this information.

Most paintings are geared towards the new painter and focus on simple subjects. You will be pleasantly surprised with your abilities as you follow along and if you get stumped you can always paint over it! Acrylics are very forgiving paints to work with so just let it dry and go over it till you get the look you’re striving for. Avoid over working one area too much, get a blow dryer and go over it and go in layers and you’ll achieve greatness guaranteed! You can always contact us with questions and Heather will reply with tips and suggestions.

Everyone has their own unique style so have no expectations as to your painting coming out identical to those you find on ZanyFawn. Enjoy your own creative paint session and putting your own spin on it! Everyone has their own unique signatures so it is with paintings also. You are guided from start to finish along with Heather and she coaches you along the way but you can always change it up as to however your feeling at the time. Just let it flow.